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Author: Bartek

Determination of bioavailable iron in noncontaminated Slovak soils by flame atomic absorption spectrometry 122 124
J. Barteková, M. Žemberyová, D. Bajčan, and D. Vyšinská Vol. 60, 2
The Study of Interference Effects and their Elimination in the Determination of Chromium by Flame AAS 172 175
M. Žemberyová, J. Barteková, D. Bajčan, and R. Smolková Vol. 57, 3
Isolation and Characterization of Glycoproteins from the Yeast Cryptococcus laurentii var. laurentii. II. Extracellular Glycoproteins 261 268
P. Bartek, N. Kolárová, and P. Capek Vol. 55, 4
Antioxidant parameters and trace element levels in children and adolescents from region Snina and Rimavska Sobota 505 505
A. Brtkova, E. Grancicova, T. Magalova, M. Kudlackova, A. Bederova, and S. Bartekova Vol. 52, SI
Serum levels of vitamin A, C and E in the adults from 10 regions of Slovakia. 486 486
K. Babinska, A. Bederova, T. Magalova, A. Brtkova, S. Bartekova, and E. Grancicova Vol. 52, SI
The effect of nucleotides on microbial galactosyltransferase activity. 367 367
P. Bartek and N. Kolarova Vol. 52, SI
Purification of S100 alpha protein from rat skeletal muscle. 328 328
J. Kvackajova, M. Bartekova, and A. Breier Vol. 52, SI

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