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Author: Bauer

Tar content and composition during a low-temperature steam gasification of rice husks 1123 1131
Van Minh Duong, Monika Seiber, and Hermann Hofbauer Vol. 74, 4
Optimization of the chemolithoautotrophic biofilm growth of Cupriavidus necator by means of electrochemical hydrogen synthesis 1205 1211
S. Bause, M. Decker, P. Neubauer, and W. Vonau Vol. 72, 5
Biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate as a polyol for elastomeric polyurethanes 869 874
Lucy Vojtová, Vojtěch Kupka, Jan Žídek, Jaromír Wasserbauer, Petr Sedláček, and Josef Jančář Vol. 66, 9
An Application of Identification and Control Design to the Experimental Calorimeter 229 236
Š. Kožka, A. Zemanovičová, G. Bachmann, and H. Hofbauer Vol. 57, 4
Ischemia/reperfusion-induced oxidative stress in rat myocardium: influence of lazaroid (tirilazad mesylate) 534 535
T. Ziegelhoffer, L. Halcak, V. Rendekova, R. Stetka, C. Holoman, I. Gabauer, and I. Pechan Vol. 52, SI
Determination of Trace Lead in Human Urine Using Hanging Mercury Drop Semimicroelectrode Influence of Matrix Effect and its Elimination 98 101
Š. Mesároš, H. Hofbauerová, and D. Bustin Vol. 46, 2
The application of microelectrodes for amperometric titrations 53 60
H. Hofbauerová, D. Bustin, S. Mesároš, and M. Rievaj Vol. 45, 1
Determination of trace amounts of copper and lead in gallium arsenide crystals by anodic stripping voltammetry with mercury drop semimicroelectrode 643 649
H. Hofbauerová, Š. Mesároš, D. Bustin, and E. Beinrohr Vol. 44, 5
Redox properties of the bis(2-hydroxyethyl)dithiocarbamate anion and its nickel(II) complex in aqueous-solutions 441 452
H. Hofbauerová, E. Beinrohr, and J. Mocák Vol. 41, 4
Electrochemical study of thiosemicarbazide 295 302
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and E. Beinrohr Vol. 39, 3
Buxus alkaloids. XXII. Alkaloids of leaves from immature twigs of Buxus sempervirens var. augustifolia WEST 255 259
O. Bauerová and Z. Votický Vol. 38, 2
Poly(urethane-urea), modifier of impact strength of poly(vinyl chloride) 783 790
J. Mokrý, J. Střešinka, Z. Pelzbauer, and K. Marcinčin Vol. 37, 6
Preparation of 3-, 4-, and 6-deoxyderivatives of guanosine diphosphate-D-mannose 414 419
S. Kučár, J. Zámocký, J. Zemek, and Š. Bauer Vol. 32, 3
Buxus alkaloids. XIV. Alkaloids from Buxus sempervirens var. angustifolia West 351 354
Z. Votický, O. Bauerová, and V. Paulík Vol. 30, 3
5,6-Unsaturated amylose derivatives 223 225
Š. Bauer and K. Tihlárik Vol. 30, 2
Amperometrically indicated pseudotitrations. III. Volumetric determination of cobalt(III) with ethylenediamine 609 613
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and D. I. Bustin Vol. 28, 5
Optical rotatory dispersion studies. VII. Substituted phenylglucopyranosides 90 93
T. Sticzay, C. Peciar, Š. Bauer, A. L Tökeš, A. Lévai, and R. Bognár Vol. 28, 1
Synthesis of 2-deoxy-α-D-glucopyranosyl and 2-deoxy-α-D-galactopyranosyl phosphates 115 119
Š. Kučár, J. Zámocký, and Š. Bauer Vol. 28, 1
Synthesis of Methyl-α-maltoside 923 927
S. E. Zurabyan, V. Bilik, and Š. Bauer Vol. 23, 11-12
The polysaccharides of yeasts. II. The extracellular mannans of Candida albicans 3 12
D. Šikl, L. Masler, and Š. Bauer Vol. 21, 1-2
Synthesis of 2,3,4-tri-O-acetyl-1,6-anhydro-β-D-galactopyranose 650 654
J. Trúchly and Š. Bauer Vol. 19, 8
Diethyl derivatives of 2,3:4,5-di-O-isopropylidene-D-galactose 860 863
J. Trúchly, Š. Bauer, and D. Šikl Vol. 19, 11
Separation of O-trimethylsilyl- and O-methyl-derivatives of monosaccharides by gas-liquid chromatography 28 33
V. Bílik, Š. Bauer, I. Ježo, and M. Furdík Vol. 19, 1
Polysaccharides of yeasts. I. Surface mannan of Candida albicans 21 27
D. Šikl, L. Masler, and Š. Bauer Vol. 19, 1
Oscillopolarographic registration of the medium speed reactions. The hydrolysis of bis(ethylenimino)benzoquinone 454 457
E. Bauer and H. Berg Vol. 18, 5-6
Adonitoxol, a new cardiac glycoside of Adonis vernalis 273 280
A. Cserép, L. Masler, D. Šikl, and Š. Bauer Vol. 18, 4
Alkaloids from Buxus sempervirens. I. Isolation and characteristics 721 731
J. Tomko, Z. Votický, V. Paulík, A. Vassová, and O. Bauerová Vol. 18, 10
The isolation of heart glycosides from Helleborus purpurascens. II. Enzymic hydrolysis of hellebrin to deglucohellebrin 206 209
D. Šikl, Š. Bauer, and L. Masler Vol. 16, 3
Complexometric determination of sulfates 563 567
I. Odler and J. Gebauer Vol. 15, 8
Flame-photometric determination of sulfates 568 570
I. Odler and J. Gebauer Vol. 15, 8
Alkaloids from vinca minor. II. Evaluation by paper chromatography 523 528
O. Bauerová, J. Mokrý, I. Kompiš, Š. Bauer, and J. Tomko Vol. 15, 7
Alkaloids in Leucojum vernum in above-ground parts 839 842
J. Tomko, I. Bendík, O. Bauerová, J. Mokrý, and Š. Bauer Vol. 15, 11-12
Colorimetric determination of (-)-phenylacetylcarbinol 38 42
O. Bauerová and Š. Bauer Vol. 13, 1
1-Phenylacetylcarbinol. VI 509 512
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, Š. Országh, J. Mokrý, and J. Tomko Vol. 12, 8
Analytical determination of l-phenylacetylcarbinol 366 369
O. Bauerová and Š. Bauer Vol. 12, 6
New distribution method according to O'Keeffe based on Craig's apparatus 382 389
J. Mokrý, J. Tomko, Š. Bauer, and I. Kompiš Vol. 12, 6
Alkaloids from Scopolia carniolica 181 184
I. Bendík, O. Bauerová, Š. Bauer, J. Mokrý, and J. Tomko Vol. 12, 3
l-Phenylacetylcarbinol. VIII 687 689
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, and Š. Orzágh Vol. 12, 12
Study of l-phenylacetylcarbinol. VII 639 641
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, and Š. Országh Vol. 12, 11
Alkaloids from Fritillaria meleagris 584 586
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, Š. Országh, J. Mokrý, and J. Tomko Vol. 12, 10
Alkaloids of Veratrum album var. lobelianum. II. Rubijervine and isorubijervine 542 546
J. Tomko, B. Dvořáková, Š. Bauer, and J. Mokrý Vol. 11, 9
Crystallographic determination of artabsine 418 424
F. Hanic and J. Bauer Vol. 11, 7
Study of l-phenylacetylcarbinol. V 651 655
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, Š. Országh, J. Mokrý, and J. Tomko Vol. 11, 11
Study of Harden-Young's effects. IV 681 684
A. Kocková-Kratochvílová, K. Tomášek, and A. Gebauerová Vol. 11, 11
The determination of ephedrine in Ephedra distachya of Slovak origin 599 600
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, and Š. Országh Vol. 10, 9
Origin of the hypotensive effect of Achillea millefolium 528 532
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, and Š. Országh Vol. 10, 8
L-Phenylacetylcarbinol. IV 426 429
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, and Š. Országh Vol. 10, 7
Alkaloids in Veratrum album var. lobelianum. I. Isolation and separation 642 648
J. Tomko, B. Dvořáková, Š. Bauer, and J. Mokrý Vol. 10, 10
Some acyl derivatives of hydrazobenzenes 19 22
Š. Bauer, L. Masler, P. Šefčovič, and J. Tamchyna Vol. 10, 1
A study of L-phenylacetylcarbinol. III 604 607
Š. Bauer, J. Chylík, L. Masler, and Š. Országh Vol. 9, 10
Priemyselná ochranná masť proti ultrafialovému žiareniu 289 293
O. Bauerová Vol. 8, 5
Synthesis of dl-11-methoxycanadine 457 461
K. Babor, O. Bauerová, and I. Ježo Vol. 7, 8
The analytical determination of l-phenylacetylcarbinol 289 297
L. Molnár and Š. Bauer Vol. 7, 5-6
New derivatives of s-triazine group 189 196
Š. Bauer Vol. 7, 3-4
Phenylacetylcarbinol. II 277 280
I. Ježo, K. Babor, and Š. Bauer Vol. 6, 5-6
 Príspevok k štúdiu fenylacetylkarbinolu 1.časť 185 190
I. Ježo, K. Babor, and Š. Bauer Vol. 6, 3-4

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