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Synthesis, structural characterizations and vibrational spectroscopy studies of Ba2−xPbxSr(PO4)2; (0 ≤ x ≤ 2) 2905 2915
Meryem Ben Baaziz, Rajae Ghibate, Anass Merzougui, Karima Azoulay, Imane Bencheikh, M’barek Azdouz, Bouchaib Manoun, and Mohamed Azrour Vol. 77, 5
Pyrrolo[2 ,3 :4,5]furo[3,2-c]pyridine Derivatives Reactions in the Pyridine and Pyrrole Ring 118 122
M. Bencková, A. Krutošíková, J. Pullman, and N. Prónayová Vol. 53, 2
Synthesis of 4-methoxyphenyl-substituted furo-fused derivatives 398 402
M. Benckova, A. Krutosikova, and M. Dandarova Vol. 51, 6B
Crystal Orbital Schemes for Solids 129 133
Ľ. Benco Vol. 51, 3
Disubstituted Ureas of the 5-R-2-Furylethylene Type 148 150
M. Bencková, A. Krutošíková, and S. Mastik Vol. 50, 3
Padé Approximation to the Infinite Number of Point Charge Shells in Madelung Potential Affected Cluster Calculation of Molecules. The Comparison with the Crystal Orbital Method 14 18
L.T. Nagy, Ľ. Benco, P. Mach, and M. Breza Vol. 47, 1
Nucleophilic vinyl substitution. Reactions of pyridylvinyl bromides with sulfur and nitrogen nucleophiles 355 361
M. Bencková and J. Kováč Vol. 44, 3
Bromination of alpha,beta-unsaturated acids of pyridine preparation of 2-bromoethylenes of the pyridine series 439 445
M. Bencková and J. Kováč Vol. 43, 3
Synthesis and reactivity of enamines in pyridine series 51 61
M. Bencková, D. Végh, J. Kováč, and Z. Friedl Vol. 43, 1
EPR study of the reaction of 8-quinolinol with copper(II) ions in Y zeolites with different degree of hydration 293 299
G. Plesch, J. Dobrovodský, and Ľ. Benco Vol. 40, 3
Preparation of propylene-propyl methacrylate copolymer 231 239
P. Citovický, G. Benc, V. Chrástová, and S. Kuka Vol. 36, 2
Furan derivatives. XII. Preparation and absorption spectra of [5-(2-nitrophenyl)-2-furfurylidene]benzoylhydrazones 447 451
R. Frimm, Š. Kováč, J. Kováč, and K. Bencze Vol. 22, 6
Furan derivatives. XI. Synthesis and absorption spectra of benzoic acid [5-(3-nitrophenyl)-2-furfurylidene]- and [5-(4-nitrophenyl)-2-furfurylidene] hydrazides 361 367
R. Frimm, Š. Kováč, J. Kováč, and K. Bencze Vol. 22, 5
Isothiocyanates. XX. Preparation of the principle diarylmethyl isothiocyanates with a condensed aromatic nucleus 350 358
J. Kalamár, K. Bencze, and P. Křenek Vol. 21, 5
Rapid method for the determination of benzene and cumene 299 301
K. Bencze Vol. 19, 4
Spectrophotometric determination of allyl chloride 571 574
K. Bencze Vol. 15, 8
The reaction of pentachlorophenol with 4-aminoantipyrine 621 625
K. Bencze and A. Plešková Vol. 11, 10

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