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Author: Berek

Microporous carbon fibers prepared by carbonization of cellulose as carriers of particles of active substances 1359 1365
Ivan Novák, Ondrej Šauša, Igor Maťko, Esra Simsek Bilgin, and Dušan Berek Vol. 74, 4
Limited sample recovery in coupled methods of high-performance liquid chromatography of synthetic polymers 249 252
D. Berek and A. Russ Vol. 60, 3
Characterization of Column Packings for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy 368 370
O. Šauša, J. Krištiak, and D. Berek Vol. 59, 5
Novel Porous Carbons and their Utilization in Trace Analysis 40 48
E. Matisová, S. Hrouzková, I. Nováak, D. Berek, and J. Kozánková Vol. 53, 1
The Testing of Carbon Sorbent for Preconcentration of Volatile Organic Trace Compounds 169 174
S. Škrabáková, E. Matisová, M. Onderová, I. Novák, and D. Berek Vol. 48, 3
Influence of pore structure of silica packing on hplc column characteristics 31 43
I. Novák, B. Buszewski, J. Garaj, and D. Berek Vol. 44, 1
Composition changes of the mixed mobile phase within LC column due to pressure variations A possibility of estimating column packing homogeneity 285 296
T. Macko, A. Poťmáková, and D. Berek Vol. 43, 2
Application of a new type of porous supports in gas chromatography 336 342
O. Mlejnek, Ľ. Cvečková, I. Novák, and D. Berek Vol. 28, 3

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