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Author: Bumbálová

Air Pollution Monitoring Using the Radionuclide X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis 230 232
E. Havránek, A. Bumbálová, and E. Dejmková Vol. 47, 4
Nondestructive multielement analysis of environmental samples by the radionuclide x-ray fluorescence method. I. Determination of heavy metals in plant material 201 208
E. Havránek, A. Bumbálová, M. Harangozó, E. Dejmková, and F. Krečmer Vol. 37, 2
Multielement analysis of air samples. Determination of iron, zinc, lead, and bromine content by the radionuclide X-ray fluorescence analysis 57 63
E. Havránek and A. Bumbálová Vol. 35, 1
Nondestructive determination of airborne lead particulates by the radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis 373 379
E. Havránek, A. Bumbálová, and E. Dejmková Vol. 34, 3
Determination of active substances in tablets by absorption of low-energy gamma radiation 507 514
E. Havránek, A. Bumbálová, and V. Fanta Vol. 33, 4
Determination of small amounts of elements using radionuclide x-ray fluorescence analysis 750 761
E. Havránek and A. Bumbálová Vol. 29, 6
New complexones. XXX. Potentiometric study of the formation of chelates of N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-2-aminoalkane acids with rare earth cations 768 773
E. Riečanská, J. Majer, and A. Bumbálová Vol. 28, 6
New complexons. XXIX. Potentiometric investigation of the chelate-forming properties of N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-2-aminoalkane acids 332 335
E. Riečanská, J. Majer, A. Bumbálová, and M. Kalina Vol. 28, 3

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