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Author: Chmela

Ageing of plasticized poly(lactic acid)/poly(β-hydroxybutyrate) blend films under artificial UV irradiation and under real agricultural conditions during their application as mulches‡ 1268 1278
Katarína Mosnáčková, Alena Šišková, Ivica Janigová, Jozef Kollár, Miroslav Šlosár, Štefan Chmela, Pavol Alexy, Ivan Chodák, Ján Bočkaj, and Jaroslav Mosnáček Vol. 70, 9
Synthesis of 1-phenylbut-3-ene-1,2-dione and its attempted radical polymerization 499 503
Branislav Husár, Ivan Lukáč, Štefan Chmela, Jean-Louis Canet, and Yves Troin Vol. 64, 4
Characterization of Stable Nitroxide Radicals on the Basis of Adduct Chromophore-Hindered Amine Utilizing EPR Spectroscopy in Solution and Polymer Matrix 275 281
Ľ. Búcsiová, A. Búcsi, P. Hrdlovič, and Š. Chmela Vol. 56, 4
Spectral Characteristics of Bifunctional Fluorescence Probes Based on Naphthalene: Comparison in Solution and Polymer Matrix 271 278
P. Hrdlovič, Š. Chmela, and Ľ. Bucsiová Vol. 50, 5
Quenching of aromatic triplet by monomeric and polymeric radicals in polymer film at 77 K 199 215
Š. Chmela and P. Hrdlovič Vol. 38, 2

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