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Author: Góra

Enzyme-enhanced CO2 absorption process in rotating packed bed 861 869
Justyna Wojtasik, Konrad Gładyszewski, Mirko Skiborowski, Andrzej Górak, and Marcin Piątkowski Vol. 73, 4
Continuous laccase concentration in an aqueous two-phase system 555 566
Michał Blatkiewicz, Anna Antecka, Andrzej Górak, and Stanisław Ledakowicz Vol. 72, 3
Role of polyaniline morphology in Pd particles dispersion. Hydrogenation of alkynes in the presence of Pd-polyaniline catalysts 1087 1095
Robert Kosydar, Monika Goral, Alicja Drelinkiewicz, and Jaroslav Stejskal Vol. 67, 8
Intramolecular MLOH/π and MLNH/π interactions in crystal structures of metal complexes 298 305
Goran V. Janjić, Miloš K. Milčić, and Snežana D. Zarić Vol. 63, 3
Computer-aided process design of affinity membrane adsorbers: a case study on antibodies capturing 458 463
Peter van Beijeren, Peter Kreis, Achim Hoffmann, Martina Mutter, Sven Sommerfeld, Werner Bäcker, and Andrzej Górak Vol. 62, 5
ICP MS analysis and classification of potable, spring, and mineral waters 445 450
Filip Kraic, Ján Mocák, Željka Fiket, and Goran Kniewald Vol. 62, 5
Reactive distillation — experimental data for propyl propionate synthesis 65 69
Marcel Kotora, Carsten Buchaly, Peter Kreis, Andrzej Górak, and Jozef Markoš Vol. 62, 1
Protective effects of vitamin E against CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits 6 10
K. Pawłowska-Góral, M. Wardas, P. Wardas, and A. Rzepecka-Stojko Vol. 61, 1
Residence time distribution study for the catalytic packing MULTIPAK® 404 409
A. Górak, M. Jaroszyński, and A. Kołodziej Vol. 60, 6
Graft copolymerization onto polycarbonate film 74 78
J. Zurakowska-Országh and M. Góra Vol. 31, 1
Radical Reactivity of Olefin Copolymers with Vinyl Monomers 237 241
F. Severini, M. Pegoraro, A. Pagliari, and C. Tavazzani Vol. 26, 3
Thermal Analysis of Polypropylene Grafted with Polyacrylic Acid 224 229
M. Pegoraro, A. Penati, G. Gianotti, and A. Capizzi Vol. 26, 3
A New Method of Labelling Rose Bengal with 131I and 125I 586 591
P. Raban and V. Gregora Vol. 21, 8

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