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Engineering the MxZn1−xO (M = Al3+, Fe3+, Cr3+) nanoparticles for visible light-assisted catalytic mineralization of methylene blue dye using Taguchi design 2719 2731
C. Manjunatha, B. Abhishek, B. W. Shivaraj, S. Ashoka, M. Shashank, and G. Nagaraju Vol. 74, 8
Incorporation of β-(1,6)-linked glucooligosaccharides (pustulooligosaccharides) into plant cell wall structures 814 820
Zuzana Zemková, Soňa Garajová, Dana Flodrová, Pavel Řehulka, Ivan Zelko, Renáta Vadkertiová, Vladimír Farkaš, and Eva Stratilová Vol. 66, 9
Effect of dielectric medium on angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors binding to Zn2+ 395 404
Martin Šramko, Július Šille, Pavol Ježko, and Vladimír Garaj Vol. 64, 3
Influence of pore structure of silica packing on hplc column characteristics 31 43
I. Novák, B. Buszewski, J. Garaj, and D. Berek Vol. 44, 1
Determination of the values of solubility product of some ethylenebisdithiocarbamates 223 227
Š. Gergely and J. Garaj Vol. 42, 2
Diffraction patterns of ethylenebisdithiocarbamic acid and some its salts 229 234
Š. Gergely and J. Garaj Vol. 42, 2
Oxidation of bis(dialkyldithiocarbamato)nickel(ii) with bromine and iodine 303 315
E. Beinrohr and J. Garaj Vol. 39, 3
Crystal and molecular structure of the tetrahydrate of hexaaquanickel(II) S*,S*)-ethylenediaminedisuccinatonickelate(II) 321 330
J. Soldánová, F. Pavelčík, J. Majer, and J. Garaj Vol. 38, 3
Preparation and properties of (selenocyanato)bis(2,2'-bipyridine)copper(II) selenocyanate and crystal structure of its α-modification 43 52
A. Sedov, M. Kabešová, M. Dunaj-Jurčo, J. Gažo, and J. Garaj Vol. 37, 1
Effect of the structure differences of α-, β-, and γ-modifications of diammineoxalatocopper(II) complexes on their reactivity with gaseous and liquid ammonia 748 752
H. Langfelderová, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo Vol. 28, 6
Preparation of γ-diamminecopper(II) and the study of its structure 173 179
H. Langfelderová, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo Vol. 28, 2
Effect of the structure differences between the modifications of the oxalatodiamminecopper(II) complex in some heterogeneous reactions. Reactions of α-, β-, and γ-oxalatodiamminecopper(II) with water 180 187
H. Langfelderová, M. Serátor, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo Vol. 28, 2
Furan derivatives. XXIX. Polymorphism of 3-(5-Nitro-2-furyl)acrylic Acid 300 303
J. Kováč and J. Garaj Vol. 25, 4
Nitrate Group as a Ligand in Solid Copper(II) Complexes. The Structure of Cu(N03)2 • 2.5H2О 829 842
J. Garaj and Ján Gažo Vol. 23, 11-12
Modifications of dithiocyanatodiammine copper (II) complex. II. Investigation of properties of modifications of dithiocyanatodiamminecopper(II) by thermal analysis 42 49
H. Langfelderová, M. Kabešová, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo Vol. 22, 1
Refinement of the crystal structure of the dithiocyanatodiamminecopper(II) complex 865 876
J. Garaj Vol. 21, 12
Modifications of dithiocyanatodiammine copper(II) complex. I. Effect of concentration and of temperature of the formation of modifications of dithiocyanatodiammine copper(II) 887 893
M. Kabešová, H. Langfelderová, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo Vol. 21, 12
Effect of pressure and temperature on the isomerization of Cu(NH3)2Br2 458 461
J. Garaj and J. Gažo Vol. 20, 6
CuSO4-NH3-(NH4)2CO3-NH4SCN-H2O system. II. Physicochemical investigation of solutions 196 201
J. Garaj and J. Gažo Vol. 20, 3
Complex compounds of copper with organic ligands. IV. Modification of bis(salicylato)bis(pyridine)copper(II) complex 763 774
J. Garaj and J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič Vol. 20, 10
The CuSO4-(NH4)2CO3-NH3-NH4SCN-H2O system. I. The solids precipitating from the system 593 603
J. Garaj and J. Gažo Vol. 19, 8
Application of the Peyron and Jorgensen rule for copper(II) complexes 13 20
J. Garaj and J. Gažo Vol. 19, 1
The structure of the dithiocyanatodiamminecuprate(II) complex 488 492
J. Garaj Vol. 17, 7

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