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Author: Grjotheim

Fusibility and structure of the NaF-rich melts in the NaF-NaAlSi3O8 and NaF-KAlSi3O8 systems 685 691
K. Grjotheim, V. Daněk, K. Matiašovský, and J. Stubergh Vol. 44, 5
Simultaneous addition of lithium fluoride and magnesium fluoride in the aluminum electrolysis 409 424
K. Grjotheim and K. Matiašovský Vol. 37, 3
 Some aspects of the electrolytic preparation of silicon alloys 165 171
K. Grjotheim, K. Matiašovský, and P. Fellner Vol. 27, 2
Chemical Reactions in the System Na3AlF6—Si02—Al 249 252
K. Grjotheim and K. Matiašovský Vol. 25, 4
Recent progress in research on the theory of aluminum electrolysis 762 773
K. Grjotheim and C. Krohn Vol. 21, 11
Introduction and application of the activity concept in the chemistry of fused salts and slags 774 782
K. Grjotheim and C. Krohn Vol. 21, 11

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