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Author: Hájek

Improved method of water removal from vegetable oil 767 769
Martin Musil, Martin Hajek, Frantisek Skopal, and Ales Vavra Vol. 73, 3
Kinetics and modelling of heptane steam-cracking 1678 1689
Natália Olahová, Martin Bajus, Elena Hájeková, Lukáš Šugár, and Jozef Markoš Vol. 68, 12
Fuels obtained by thermal cracking of individual and mixed polymers 15 24
Božena Mlynková, Martin Bajus, Elena Hájeková, Gabriel Kostrab, and Dušan Mravec Vol. 64, 1
Separation and characterization of products from thermal cracking of individual and mixed polyalkenes 262 270
E. Hájeková, L. Špodová, M. Bajus, and B. Mlynková Vol. 61, 4
Synthesis of trans-tris(s-leucinato)cobalt(III) 662 664
F.Jursík, F. Petrů, and B. Hájek Vol. 23, 9
Reaction products of magnesium with water at elevated temperatures 669 675
V. Brožek and B. Hájek Vol. 20, 9

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