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Author: Holík

Comparison of Single Coal Char Particle Combustion at Different Conditions 413 420
K. Holíková, R. Žajdlík, J. Markoš, and Ľ. Jelemenský Vol. 59, 6a
Use of proton NMR spectroscopy for quantitative measurements. Kinetics of formation of 2-cyanoquinoxaline-1,4-dioxide from 2-acetoxyiminomethylquinoxaline-1,4-dioxide 232 237
J. Běluša, M. Holík, R. Kukla, and L. Nováček Vol. 32, 2
Spectroscopic investigations of β-dicarbonyl compounds. I. The proton magnetic resonance and quantum chemical study of 2-diformylmethylene-3-ethylbenzothiazolines and benzoselenazolines 533 537
M. Holík, V. Skála, and J. Čiernik Vol. 29, 4
Spectroscopic investigations on derivatives of tetrahydrofuran. IV. Proton magnetic resonance study of the conformation of trans-2,3-dichlorotetrahydrofuran 374 378
M. Holík and I. Borkovcová Vol. 28, 3
Spectroscopic Investigations on Derivatives of Tetrahydrofuran. I. Correlation of Semiempirical Parameters with Chemical Shifts of 2-Alkoxy-3-substituted Tetrahydrofurans 9 16
M. Holík, P. Štern, and M. Kratochvíl Vol. 25, 1

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