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Author: Hrivňák

 Wetting of epitaxial silicium layer and pyrolytic SiO2 layer 731 738
V. Hrivnáková, Ľ. Lapčík, S. Fekete, and L. Hebort Vol. 38, 6
Kinetics of the formation of swollen surface layer in the system polyamide-formic acid 175 185
V. Kellö, L. Lapčík, S. Hrivnák, J. Polavka, J. Panák, J. Repka, J. Očadlík, and V. Kalíšek Vol. 32, 2
Study of the endo- and exo-Isomers of 5-Acylbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-enes and their Ethynylated Products 168 172
V. Sutoris, J. Hrivňák, and A. Richterová Vol. 26, 2
Diels-Alder reaction of alkylcyclopentadienes and dienophiles of the aeryl type. II. Reactions with methyl vinyl ketone 611 615
E. Holbová and J. Hrivňák Vol. 23, 8
Isothiocyanates (XXIV) Synthesis and Identification of 4-(p-Terphenylyl)isothiocyanates and Their Intermediates 674 681
J. Kalamár, K. Antoš, J. Hrivňák, and F. Bocán Vol. 22, 9
Gas radiochromatography 528 545
J.Tölgyessy and J. Hrivňák Vol. 22, 7
Diels-Alder reactions of alkylcyclopentadienes with acrylic type dienophiles. I. Reactions with acrolein 941 946
E. Holbová and J. Hrivňák Vol. 22, 12
Determination of long-chain fatty acids by gas chromatography without previous esterification 104 108
J.Hrivňák and V. Smirnov Vol. 21, 1-2
Gas chromatographic determination of O,O-dimethyl, O,Odiethyl, and O-methyl O-ethyl S-(2-ethylmercaptoethyl) dithiophosphate in technical mixtures 600 604
J. Hrivňák, V. Bátora, and Z. Veselá Vol. 20, 8
Separation of the bromophenylisothiocyanate isomers by gas chromatography 462 465
J. Hrivňák and J. Kalamár Vol. 20, 6
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. XXVI. Perkin synthesis of the cis and trans isomers of 3-(α-naphthyloxymethylene)phthalide and their rearrangements to 1,3-indandiones 834 842
M. Furdík, M. Lacová, M. Livař, and J. Hrivňák Vol. 20, 11
Gas chromatographic study of the chlorination of acetoacetic methyl ester 711 714
J. Hrivňák and Z. Veselá Vol. 19, 9
Injection block for gas chromatography 942 943
J. Hrivňák Vol. 19, 12
Separation of 2-phenyl-4,6-dinitrophenyl alkyl carbonates by gas chromatography 846 849
J. Hrivňák, Z. Šťota, and J. Doležal Vol. 19, 11
Determination of trichlorobenzene isomers by gas chromatography 692 697
J. Hrivňák and Z. Šťota Vol. 18, 9
Gas chromatography of the fatty acids in dairy products without preliminary esterification 294 298
J. Hrivňák and V. Palo Vol. 18, 4
The evaluation of gas-liquid chromatograms with a dial plate inclinometer 225 227
J. Hrivňák Vol. 18, 3

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