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Author: Ivančenko

Utilization of sorghum seeds in the baking industry 65 80
D. Ivančenko, L. Dodok, J. Matejová, Z. Kukulka, J. Pollák, and M. Madarászová Vol. 21, 1-2
The isolation of tyrosine sad leucine from corn gluten 148 151
D. Ivančenko, P. Zajac, and A. Oravcová Vol. 18, 2
The purification of juice of Sorghum vulgare var. saccharatum by ion exchange. II. The location of sugars in different parts of the plant 298 300
D. Ivančenko and P. Zajac Vol. 14, 4
Molasses in biosynthesis of chlorotetracycline 76 79
D. Ivančenko, J. Zelinka, and L. Janu Vol. 14, 1
Honey-like sirup from Slovak watermelons. II. Chemical composition of the seeds 803 806
D. Ivančenko, P. Zajac, and L. Dodok Vol. 13, 12
Honey substitute from watermelons of Slovak origin. I. Chemical composition 439 444
D. Ivančenko and P. Zajac Vol. 12, 7
Prof. Dr. Pavel Michajlovič Silin: seventy years old 245 247
D. Ivančenko and J. Vašátko Vol. 11, 5
The effect of time of mosaic virus infection on yield and on chemical and technological quality of sugar beet 396 402
D. Ivančenko Vol. 10, 6
The use of chalk 'V-K' (Vas´atko-Krizan) during storage and vegetation of sugar beet 607 624
D. Ivančenko and A. Rjabočinskij Vol. 9, 10

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