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Author: Kada

Negative field-dependent charge mobility in crystalline organic semiconductors with delocalized transport 1685 1695
Andrey Kadashchuk, Robby Janneck, Fei Tong, Ivan I. Fishchuk, Alexander Mityashin, Egon Pavlica, Anna Köhler, Paul Heremans, Cedric Rolin, Gvido Bratina, and Jan Genoe Vol. 72, 7
5-methoxycarbonylfurfuryl heteroaryl sulfides and sulfones 395 397
R. Kada and J. Stetinova Vol. 51, 6B
2-(benzoxazol-2-yl)-3-heteroarylprop-2-enenitriles 390 394
J. Stetinova, R. Kada, J. Lesko, and N. Pronayova Vol. 51, 6B
Novel Trisubstituted Ethylenes and Their Reactions with Nucleophiles 329 332
K. Špirková, P. Dočolomanský, and R. Kada Vol. 46, 5
Furan-derivatives.202. Nucleophilic-substitution reactions of 2-cyano-3-methyl-3-(5-X-2-furyl)acrylonitriles 787 792
K. Špirková and R. Kada Vol. 41, 6
Furan derivatives. CLI. Synthesis of 2-Y-3-(5-methylthio- and 5-methylsulfonyl-2-furyl)acrylonitriles and kinetics of their reaction with nucleophilic reagents 556 560
V. Knoppová, R. Kada, and J. Kováč Vol. 34, 4
Furan derivatives. CXX. Synthesis and properties of 5-nitro-2-furylbenzyl sulfones 528 532
R. Kada, V. Knoppová, A. Jurášek, J. Kováč, and Ľ. Janda Vol. 33, 4
Polarographic study of the effect of substituents in 5-arylthio- and 5-arylsulfonyl-2-furaldehydes 155 159
A. Beňo and R. Kada Vol. 32, 2
Furan derivatives. LXXXVII. The synthesis and ultraviolet spectra of 5-(4-X-phenylsulfonyl)-2-furaldehydes and 2-cyano-3-[5-(4-X-phenylsulfonyl)-2-furyl]acrylonitriles 502 507
R. Kada and J. Kováč Vol. 30, 4
Furan derivatives. LXXXIX. Synthesis and properties of α,β-unsaturated sulfones of the arylfuran series 508 513
A. Jurášek, J. Kováč, R. Kada, and J. Nemlahová Vol. 30, 4
Furan derivatives. LXV. Preparation and ultraviolet spectra of 5-arylthio- and 5-heteroarylthio-2-furaldehydes 402 407
R. Kada and J. Kováč Vol. 29, 3
Derivatives of benzimidazole. IX. Hydrates of 5-aminobenzimidazoles 391 395
R. Kada, A. Jurášek, J. Kováč, and P. Králik Vol. 28, 3
Benzimidazoles. IV. Preparation, infrared, and ultraviolet absorption spectra of 1-methyl-2-aryl-5-nitrobenzimidazoles 257 262
A. Jurášek and R. Kada Vol. 22, 4
Furan derivatives. VIII. Azomethines of 5-nitro-2-furaldehyde with 5-aminobenzimidazoles 220 224
R. Kada, A. Jurášek, L. Ebringer, and T. Sticzay Vol. 22, 3
Benzimidazoles. III. The synthesis and infrared spectra of 1 - aryl - 2 - methyl -5 sybstituted benzimidazoles 92 98
R.Kada and A. Jurášek Vol. 21, 1-2
Benzimidazole. I. Synthesis of 1-aryl-5-aminobenzimidazole 550 554
R. Kada, A. Hulka, A. Jurášek, and J. Štetinová Vol. 20, 7
The sulfonation of furfural diethyl acetal and furfural diacetate 214 217
A. Jurášek, J. Kováč, R. Kada, and R. Frim Vol. 18, 3

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