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Author: Kollár

Effect of drying methods on the content of natural pigments and antioxidant capacity in extracts from medicinal plants: a spectroscopic study 1993 2002
Jana Branisa, Klaudia Jomova, Maria Porubska, Vojtech Kollar, Miriama Simunkova, and Marian Valko Vol. 71, 10
Ageing of plasticized poly(lactic acid)/poly(β-hydroxybutyrate) blend films under artificial UV irradiation and under real agricultural conditions during their application as mulches‡ 1268 1278
Katarína Mosnáčková, Alena Šišková, Ivica Janigová, Jozef Kollár, Miroslav Šlosár, Štefan Chmela, Pavol Alexy, Ivan Chodák, Ján Bočkaj, and Jaroslav Mosnáček Vol. 70, 9
Molar Mass—Intrinsic Viscosity Relationship of High-Molar-Mass Hyaluronans: Involvement of Shear Rate 291 293
D. Lath, K. Csomorová, G. Kolláriková, M. Stankovská, and L. Šoltés Vol. 59, 5
Proteins of the inflammation acute phase and vitamins with antioxidative functions in people with normocholesterolemia and hypercholesterolemia 471 471
D. Petrasova, J. Kollar, E. Hijova, J. Koprovicova, and E. Kozma Vol. 52, SI
Apolipoproteins C-II and C-III - further biomarkers of combined familiar hyperlipidemia for atherosclerosis 457 457
J. Koprovicova, J. Kollar, V. Rozdobudkova, D. Petrasova, and G. Mojzisova Vol. 52, SI
Apolipoproteins C and combined hyperlipidemias 438 439
J. Kollar, J. Koprovicova, and V. Rozdobudkova Vol. 52, SI
Characteristics of NADP thioredoxin reductase purified from Streptomyces aureofaciens 354 354
T. Horecka, D. Perecko, E. Kutejova, K. Muchova, and M. Kollarova Vol. 52, SI
The malate dehydrogenase from Streptomyces aureofaciens: Purification and properties 355 355
D. Mikulasova, N. Mernik, and M. Kollarova Vol. 52, SI
The malate dehydrogenase from Streptomyces aureofaciens 356 356
M. Kollarova, D. Mikulasova, and N. Mernik Vol. 52, SI
Determination of vinyl-chloride and vinyl-acetate in working atmosphere 147 160
V. Kollár, R. Kemka, J. Mišianik, and J. Tölgyessy Vol. 42, 2
Determination of methyl-methacrylate, butyl acrylate, and n-butyl alcohol in working atmosphere 161 173
V. Kollár, R. Kemka, and J. Tölgyessy Vol. 42, 2
Passive dosimeters and their comparison with the standard method of determination of contaminants in working atmosphere 235 246
V. Kollár, R. Kemka, and J. Tőlgyessy Vol. 41, 2
Preparation and properties of 1-[4-(2-alkoxyphenoxy)butyl]- and 1-[4-(3-alkoxyphenoxy)butyl]-1-ethylpiperidinium bromides 100 105
E. Kolláriková, I. Csiba, A. Nagy, and Ľ. Krasnec Vol. 32, 1
Synthesis and properties of 1-[4-(4-alkoxyphenoxy)butyl]-1-ethylpiperidinium bromides 409 413
I. Lacko, I. Csiba, E. Kolláriková, Ľ. Krasnec, M. Lagová, A. Nagy, and F. Devínsky Vol. 28, 3

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