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Author: Koller

Investigation of the solid samples evaporation from the auxiliary DC arc discharge in the atomic emission spectroscopy 116 121
S. Ružičková, L. Koller, and M. Matherny Vol. 60, 2
Evaporation of the Chosen Elements from Auxiliary DC Arc Discharge and their Excitation in the Marinković Sources 204 207
S. Ružičková, E. Jankovská, L. Koller, and M. Matherny Vol. 57, 3
Molecular evolutionary trends and in vitro engineered mutants - clues to understand the structure-function relationships in catalases 333 333
M. Zamocky, J. Godocikova, B. Polek, and F. Koller Vol. 52, SI
Internal electron donors in yeast catalase A. Effects of single-residue exchanges close to the heme cavity. 338 338
F. Koller, M. Zamocky, C. Herzog, M. Mate, and I. Fita Vol. 52, SI
Spectrochemistry of electrolytic sludges. I. Spectrographic determination of indium 561 568
L. Koller and M. Matherny Vol. 20, 8

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