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Author: Kopecká

Coaxial conducting polymer nanotubes: polypyrrole nanotubes coated with polyaniline or poly(p-phenylenediamine) and products of their carbonisation 1341 1349
Jaroslav Stejskal, Irina Sapurina, Miroslava Trchová, Ivana Šeděnková, Jana Kovářová, Jitka Kopecká, and Jan Prokeš Vol. 69, 10
Basicity, Ionic Associations and their Effect on Solubility of the Antineoplastic Benflurone 99 106
F. Kopecký and B. Kopecká Vol. 51, 2
Salicylidene-2-iminobenzohydroxamic acid and its analytical application 771 779
B. Kopecká, V. Špringer, and J. Majer Vol. 38, 6
Preparation of salicylidene-2-iminoacethydroxamic acid and some of its complexes 641 649
B. Kopecká, V. Špringer, and J. Majer Vol. 35, 5
Complexes of bismuth(III) with ethylenediamine-N,N'-2,2'-di(3-hydroxypropionic) acid 727 733
B. Kopecká, Š. Springer, and J. Turan Vol. 29, 6
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. LI. Rate of rearrangement of 3-(4-X-1-naphthylmethylene)phthalides to 2-(4-X-1-naphthyl)-1,3-indandiones 402 408
M. Livař, P. Hrnčiar, and A. Kopecká Vol. 28, 3
New complexanes. XXVI. Complex-forming properties of ethylenediamine-N,N'-2,2'-bis(3-hydroxypropionic)acid and ethylenediamine-N,N'-2,2'-bis(3-hydroxybutyric)acid 316 326
E. Dvořáková, B. Kopecká, J. Majer, M. Struhár, and V. Špringer Vol. 26, 4
New Complexanes. XXIV. Meso- and Racemic 2,3-Diaminobutane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic Acids as Reagents for the Spectrophotometric Estimation of Copper 337 342
V. Špringer, B. Kopecká, and J. Majer Vol. 25, 5
New complexans. XII. Formation of the meso and racemic 2,3-diaminobutane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid complexes 327 332
V. Špringer, B. Kopecká, and J. Majer Vol. 22, 5
New complexons. IX. Preparation and a spectrophotometric study of formation of complexes with 1,3-diamino-propan-2-ol-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid 481 490
V. Špringer, J. Majer, and B. Kopecká Vol. 21, 7
New complexanes. VIII. Ethylenediamino-N,N' -disuccinic acid and investigation of its heavy metal complexes by spectrophotometry 414 422
J. Majer, Š. Springer, and B. Kopecká Vol. 20, 6

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