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Author: Krupčík

A Novel Method for Peak Number Estimation in Chromatographic Peak Clusters 315 319
J. Hrouzek, J. Krupčík, M. Čeppan, Š. Hatrík, and P. A. Leclercq Vol. 54, 5
Determination of Nitrophenols and Nitrocresols in Gaseous Samples 252 256
T. Hevesi and J. Krupčík Vol. 53, 4
Detection Limit of Ni(II)bis[di(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)dithiocarbamate] Determined by Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detector 662 666
J. Hrouzek, J. Krupčík, and I. Skačáni Vol. 52, 5
The influence of temperature on the separation and characterization of steroids on non-polar glass capillary columns 469 479
J. Krupčík, G. A. F. M Rutten, and J. A Rijks Vol. 30, 4
Gas chromatography of methyl esters of aromatic mono-, di-, and tricarboxylic acids formed during oxidation of a mixture of trimethylbenzenes 135 140
M. Hronec, J. Krupčík, and J. Baxa Vol. 27, 1

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