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Author: Kuchárik

Rapid solidification processing in molten salts chemistry: X-ray analysis of deeply undercooled cryolite-alumina melts 219 222
Michal Korenko, Marián Kucharík, and Dušan Janičkovič Vol. 62, 2
Notes on notation of sodium oxofluoroaluminate anions 217 220
M. Boča and M. Kucharík Vol. 61, 3
Silver as anode in cryolite—alumina-based melts 142 145
M. Kucharík, P. Chamelot, L. Cassayre, and P. Taxil Vol. 61, 2
Viscosity of Melts of the System KF—K2MoO4—SiO2 240 244
M. Boča, R. Vasiljev, M. Kucharík, and V. Daněk Vol. 57, 4
Surface Tension of Melts of the System KF—K2MoO4—SiO2 68 72
M. Boča, M. Kucharík, R. Vasiljev, and V. Daněk Vol. 57, 2
Density of Melts of the System KF—K2MoO4—SiO2 283 287
M. Chrenková, M. Boča, M. Kuchárik, and V. Daněk Vol. 56, 5

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