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Author: Lattová

Nitromethane Addition to Aldoses Promoted by Strongly Basic Anion-Exchange Resin in the OH- Form 97 100
E. Lattová, M. Petrušová, A. Gáplovský, and L. Petruš Vol. 50, 2
A Nitro Sugar Route Synthesis and Calcium Ions Catalyzed Epimerization of 2-Thiosophorose and 2-Thioepisophorose 351 352
M. Petrušová, E. Lattová, M. Matulová, and L. Petruš Vol. 46, 5
Addition of 2,6-Anhydro-7-deoxy-7-nitro-L-glycero-L-galacto-heptitol to Formaldehyde and the Conversion of the Adduct to 3,7-Anhydro-D-glycero-L-manno-octulose 120 123
M. Petrušová, E. Lattová, M. Matulová, and L. Petruš Vol. 46, 2
Controlled Depolymerization of 4-O-Methyl-D-glucurono-D-xylan Isolated from Wood of Beech (Fagus-Sylvatica L.) 66 69
E. Lattová, A. Ebringerová, R. Toman, and M. Kačuráková Vol. 46, 1
Preparation of aldoses by ozonolysis of sodium-salts of 1-deoxy-1-nitroalditols 823 827
E. Lattová, M. Petrušová, and L. Petruš Vol. 45, 6
Polysaccharide sulfates. 1. Conversion of sodium sulfates of starch, carboxymethylstarch, and (4-0-methyl-D-glucurono)-D-xylan into hydrogen sulfates 547 552
K. Tihlárik and E. Lattová Vol. 45, 4

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