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Author: Liskova

Effect of alpha-D-galactopyranosyl residues and the reducing ends of galactoglucomannan-derived oligosaccharides on 2,4-D induced elongation growth of pea stem segments 594 594
L. Bilisics, D. Liskova, J. Vojtassak, M. Kubackova, K. Sadlonova, D. Kakoniova, and P. Capek Vol. 52, SI
Changes of some glycosidase activities during amplification of 2,4-D stimulated elongation growth with galactoglucomannan-derived oligosaccharides 595 595
J. Vojtassak, L. Bilisics, D. Liskova, M. Kubackova, K. Sadlonova, D. Kakoniova, and P. Capek Vol. 52, SI
Polysaccharides of Picea abies L. Karst: Structural characterization of galactoglucomannan 370 370
P. Capek, L. Bilisics, M. Kubackova, J. Alfoli, P. Magdolen, D. Liskova, D. Kakoniova, K. Sadlonova, and J. Vojtassak Vol. 52, SI
A new titration determination of N-alkylamino derivatives of phenothiazine 213 220
G. Dušinský and O. Lišková Vol. 12, 4
The molecular structure of trihydroxybenzenes 125 128
N. Lišková Vol. 4, 3-4
Distinguishing the water of crystallization from that chemically bound in some organic compounds 129 131
B. Stehlík and N. Lišková Vol. 4, 3-4
The molecular structure of glycine and DL-alanine 53 59
B. Stehlík, A. Tkáč, and N. Lišková Vol. 4, 2
The structure of aspartic and glutamic acids 60 63
B. Stehlík and N. Lišková Vol. 4, 2

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