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Determination of residues of the isomers of 1,2,3,4,5,6-dexachlorocyclohexane in milk fat by gas chromatography 128 134
J. Uhnák, M. Sackmauerová, A. Szokolay, and A. Maďarič Vol. 27, 1
Gas-chromatographic estimation of chlorinated insecticide residues in milk fat after a one-step isolation procedure 453 459
A. Szokolay, J. Uhnák, and A. Maďarič Vol. 25, 6
Utilization of sorghum seeds in the baking industry 65 80
D. Ivančenko, L. Dodok, J. Matejová, Z. Kukulka, J. Pollák, and M. Madarászová Vol. 21, 1-2
The crystal structure of potassium metavanadate 410 418
M. Petrášová, J. Maďar, and F. Hanic Vol. 12, 7
The crystal structure of ammonium chlorochromate 81 90
F. Hanic and J. Maďar Vol. 10, 2

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