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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Maňásek

Compatibility of photostabilizers with isotactic polypropylene 255 262
J. Mikovič, P. Ambrovič, Z. Maňásek, and M. Karvaš Vol. 27, 2
Photolysis of Carbonyl Polymers in Solution 404 411
I. Lukáč, I. Zvara, P. Hrdlovič, and Z. Maňásek Vol. 26, 5
Effect of Triplet Quenchers on the Photolysis of Poly(Vinyl Phenyl Ketone) in Film 433 440
R. Hrdlovič and I. Lukáč and Z. Maňásek Vol. 26, 5
Radical Reactions Initiated by Chelate Complexes of Transition Metals. IV. System Bidentate Ligand—Salt of the Transition Metal— Halogen-Containing Compound as Initiator of Vinyl Chloride Polymerization 292 299
J. Bartoň, Z. Maňásek, and M. Lazár Vol. 25, 4
Derivatives of phosphonated polypropylene 318 329
Z. Maňásek, D. Belluš, and B. Böhmer Vol. 17, 5

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