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Author: Macko

Density of the systems (NaF/AlF3)—AlPO4 and (NaF/AlF3)—NaVO3 85 89
František Šimko, Iveta Macková, and Zuzana Netriová Vol. 65, 1
Determination of the enthalpy of fusion of K3NbO2F4 93 96
Ladislav Kosa and Iveta Macková Vol. 65, 1
Determination of the enthalpy of fusion of K3TaO2F4 and KTaF6 493 496
Ladislav Kosa, Iveta Macková, and Zuzana Netriová Vol. 63, 4
Pyrolytic and catalytic conversion of rape oil into aromatic and aliphatic fractions in a fixed bed reactor on Al2O3 and Al2O3/B2O3 catalysts 226 232
Piotr Kirszensztejn, Robert Przekop, Agnieszka Tolińska, and Ewa Maćkowska Vol. 63, 2
A new method of evaluation of element pollutant mobility in sediments 160 167
Viera Vojteková, Jarmila Nováková, Daniela Mackových, and Jana Blašková Vol. 62, 2
Determination of the enthalpy of fusion of Na3FeF6 221 223
L. Kosa, I. Macková, and F. Šimko Vol. 61, 3
Determination of the Enthalpy of Fusion of K2NbF7 and K3NbF8 301 303
L. Kosa, I. Macková, and M. Chrenková Vol. 57, 5
Single and Sequential Extractions for Element Fractionation of Sediment Samples 179 184
V. Vojteková, E. Krakovská, D. Mackových, D. Remeteiová, and J. Tomko Vol. 57, 3
The physiological values of AST and ALT in the blood serum of sheep, rabbits and horses according to sex 454 454
J. Poracova, D. Fazekasova, D. Mackova, and M. Nagyova Vol. 52, SI
Phytoremediation - use of plants for control of organics and metals in the environment 581 582
T. Macek and M. Mackova Vol. 52, SI
Plant tissue cultures in model studies of transformation of polychlorinated biphenyls 599 600
M. Mackova, T. Macek, A. Kucerova, J. Burkhard, J. Triska, and K. Demnerova Vol. 52, SI
Mutual Interferences of Hydride-Forming Elements in Gaseous Phase 121 124
E. Krakovská and D. Mackových Vol. 50, 3
Composition changes of the mixed mobile phase within LC column due to pressure variations A possibility of estimating column packing homogeneity 285 296
T. Macko, A. Poťmáková, and D. Berek Vol. 43, 2
Thermal decomposition of the diammonium salt of ethylenebis[dithiocarbamic acid] 523 529
J. Muchová, J. Macko, Ľ. Bystrický, and V. Bátora Vol. 36, 4
Direct chlorination of cyclopentadiene in the liquid phase 55 59
J. Macko Vol. 19, 1
Aliphatic esters of carbamic acid 436 445
J. Macko and S. Gahér Vol. 13, 7-8
The synthesis of some derivatives of carbamic, thiocarbamic, and diothiocarbamic acids 430 438
J. Macko Vol. 12, 7

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