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Author: Markovič

QSAR of the free radical scavenging potency of selected hydroxyanthraquinones 2785 2793
Zoran Marković, Miloš Filipović, Nedeljko Manojlović, Ana Amić, Svetlana Jeremić, and Dejan Milenković Vol. 72, 11
Reproduction and interpretation of the UV–vis spectra of some flavonoids 543 552
Jelena Tošović and Svetlana Marković Vol. 71, 3
Study of the structure, prooxidative, and cytotoxic activity of some chelate copper(II) complexes 2075 2083
Vladimir P. Petrović, Marko N. Živanović, Dušica Simijonović, Jelena Đorović, Zorica D. Petrović, and Snežana D. Marković Vol. 71, 11
Formation of a vanillic Mannich base – theoretical study 1244 1252
Vladimir P. Petrović, Dušica Simijonović, Zorica D. Petrović, and Svetlana Marković Vol. 69, 9
DFT study of free radical scavenging activity of erodiol 1453 1461
Zoran Marković, Jelena Đorović, Milan Dekić, Milanka Radulović, Svetlana Marković, and Marija Ilić Vol. 67, 11
Kinetics of extraction of coal-tar pitch components with supercritical carbon dioxide 46 50
S. Marković, Z. Marković, R. I. McCrindle, and B. R. Simonović Vol. 61, 1
Pectinesterases - Structure and function 362 362
O. Markovic Vol. 52, SI
Synthesis and reactions of uronic acid derivatives. XXI. Controlled esterification of oligo-D-galactosiduronic acids with diazomethane 79 83
O. Markovič, P. Kováč, and A. Slezárik Vol. 35, 1
Preparation of N-acetylimidazole 128 130
I. Ježo and O. Markovič Vol. 32, 1
Determination of sialic acid by paper chromatography 28 31
O. Markovič Vol. 18, 1
The components of various types of honeybee venoms 676 684
O. Markovič and Ľ. Rexová Vol. 17, 9
Chemical characterization of some low-molecular components of honeybee poison 884 890
Ľ. Rexová and O. Markovič Vol. 17, 12
The activity of hyaluronidase in different kinds of bee venom 458 462
B. Dulovičová and O. Markovič Vol. 16, 6
Determination of scopolamine in the presence of an excess of morphine and ethylmorphine 192 197
O. Markovič and Ľ. Rexová Vol. 11, 4
The isolation of galegine from Galega officinalis 576 579
O. Markovič and V. Dittertová Vol. 9, 9
Paper chromatographic determination of oxydimorphine in the presence of morphine 580 589
O. Markovič, L. Molnár, and J. Tomko Vol. 8, 9
Isolation and determination of honeybee poison 80 90
O. Markovič and L. Molnár Vol. 8, 2-3

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