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Author: Masár

Effect of different Fe(III) compounds on photosynthetic electron transport in spinach chloroplasts and on iron accumulation in maize plants 358 363
Katarína Kráľová, Elena Masarovičová, František Šeršeň, and Iveta Ondrejkovičová Vol. 62, 4
Effect of selenium oxidation state on cadmium translocation in chamomile plants 171 175
K. Kráľová, E. Masarovičová, I. Ondrejkovičová, and M. Bujdoš Vol. 61, 3
Effects of Cd(II) and Zn(II) complexes with bioactive ligands on some photosynthesizing organisms 149 153
K. Kráľová, E. Masarovičová, J. Lešíková, and I. Ondrejkovičová Vol. 60, 2
The Physiological Response of Green Algae (Chlorella vulgaris) to pH-Dependent Inhibitory Activity of Some Zinc(II) Compounds: Carboxylato- and Halogenocarboxylatozinc(II) Complexes 353 356
K. Kráľová, E. Masarovičová, and K. Gyoryová Vol. 58, 5
Optimization of Dextran and Mannan Dialdehydes Preparation and Examination of their Biospecific Interaction with Concanavalin A 130 135
J. Masárová, D. Mislovičová, and P. Gemeiner Vol. 55, 2
Water-soluble chitin-glucan from Aspergillus niger. Characterization and interaction with lectins 364 364
J. Masarova, D. Mislovicova, L. Soltes, and G. Kogan Vol. 52, SI
Hydrothermal synthesis of montmorillonite containing iron in structure 343 350
J. Masár, V. Luptáková, Ľ Kuchta, and V. Š. Fajnor Vol. 41, 3
Effect of metal catalysts on the oxidation of p-xylene and methyl p-toluate 519 526
M. Hronec, M. Valachová, F. Masarovič, Z. Cvengrošová, and J. Ilavský Vol. 37, 4
Kinetic study of the oxidations with cerium(IV) ions by the dropping mercury, rotating platinum, and vibrating platinum electrodes 302 305
Ľ. Treindl and S. Masaryková Vol. 28, 3
Preparation of synthetic montmorillonite 340 343
Ľ. Kuchta and J. Masár Vol. 27, 3
Structural-sorption properties, of bentonite from Fintice 533 541
J. Masár Vol. 18, 7
Adsorption isotherm of some Slovak active earths. I 524 529
M. Gregor, J. Masár, and S. Mocik Vol. 13, 9
The status of production in active clays and the perspective of development 551 552
S. Mocík and J. Masár Vol. 8, 8

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