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Author: Pastorek

Carbonic Anhydrase IX, MN/CA IX: Structure, Function and Involvement in Carcinogenesis 256 256
S. Pastoreková, Š. Kaluz, A. Gibadulinová, V. Zelník, F. Dequiedt, J. Závada, R. Kettmann, and J. Pastorek Vol. 52, SI
Characterization of cis-acting elements involved in transcriptional regulation of the human MN/CA IX gene 257 257
M. Kaluzová, R. Opavský, S. Pastoreková, J. Pastorek, and Š. Kaluz Vol. 52, SI
Effect of Suppression of HPV 18 E7 Oncoprotein on Expression of Human Tumor-Associated Protein MN/CA IX in HeLa Cells 289 289
J. Lieskovská, A. Gibadulinová, M. Kaluzová, J. Pastorek, and S. Pastoreková Vol. 52, SI
Protein-Protein Interactions of The MN/CA IX Oncoprotein 312 312
Z. Biesová, S. Pastoreková, D. Koptidesová, J. Pastorek, and V. Zelník Vol. 52, SI
Dithiocarbamate Complexes of Nickel with Triphenylphosphine and Isothiocyanate as Mixed Ligands 317 323
R. Pastorek, J. Kameníček, F. Březina, Z. Šindelář, E. Jehlářová, Nv. Duffy, and T. Glowiak Vol. 48, 5
Complexes of Nickel with Heterocyclic Dithiocarbamates and Triphenylphosphine as Mixed π-Acceptor Ligands 210 214
R. Pastorek, J. Kameníček, F. Březina, M. Hamrusová, Z. Šindelář, and J. Lasovský Vol. 47, 4
Coordination compounds of yttrium(III) salts with 2,2'-bipyridine N,N'-dioxide 74 80
R. Pastorek Vol. 33, 1
Synthesis and biological properties of some organophosphorus compounds 413 419
I. Pastorek, J. Drábek, and Š. Truchlík Vol. 19, 5
Simultaneous preparation of 4,6-dinitro-3-methylphenol and 2,4-dinitro-3-methylphenol 420 421
I. Pastorek Vol. 19, 5

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