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Author: Podhradský

Use of amino acid analyser for determination of aminotransferase activities 347 348
S. Velesova, I. Kron, and D. Podhradsky Vol. 52, SI
Fluorescence Polarization Study of Membrane Processes 798 798
V. Makuchová, J. Kušnír, K. Dubayová, and D. Podhradský Vol. 52, 6
Effect of Pentosan Polysulfate on the Thermal Stability of Yeast Alcohol Dehydrogenase 799 799
M. Molnárová, H. Paulíková, and D. Podhradský Vol. 52, 6
Use of Amino Acid Analyser for Determination of Aminotransferase Activities 800 801
S. Velesová, I. Kron, and D. Podhradský Vol. 52, 6
Immobilization of thiol peptides and proteins on poly(thioglycoloyloxyethyl methacrylate) gel 567 573
D. Podhradský and P. Kristian Vol. 35, 4
Gas chromatography analysis of sugars in glycoproteins of blood serum 87 91
D. Podhradský, M. Podhradská, and J. Andrašina Vol. 31, 1
Gas chromatography of trimethylsilyl ethers of some 17-oxo steroids 224 228
D. Podhradský and M. Š. Kandráč Vol. 23, 3

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