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Author: Pristaš

Need for database extension for reliable identification of bacteria from extreme environments using MALDI TOF mass spectrometry 1435 1442
Anna Kopcakova, Zuzana Stramova, Simona Kvasnova, Andrej Godany, Zuzana Perhacova, and Peter Pristas Vol. 68, 11
Expression of a Silent Type II. Restriction System in Streptomyces Aureofaciens Strains After Actinophage Infection 281 281
A. Godány, J. Farkašovská, G. Bukovská, I. Rašlík, J. Timko, J. Turňa, and P. Pristaš Vol. 52, SI
Occurence of Restriction and Modification Systems in Ruminal Selenomonades 284 284
V. Molnárová, P. Javorský, and P. Pristaš Vol. 52, SI
Partial purification and characterisation of a bacteriocin (Enterocin BC25) from enterococcus faecium BC25 with the antimicrobial spectrum towards ruminal bacteria 547 547
M. Morovsky, P. Pristas, and P. Javorsky Vol. 52, SI

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