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Author: Psenak

Characterisation of amine oxidases from plant and microbial sources 590 590
L. Bezakova, Z. Ceresnova, A. Bilkova, and M. Psenak Vol. 52, SI
Polyphenoloxidase and its isoforms in the Papaver somniferum latex 591 591
F. Bilka, A. Balazova, A. Bilkova, and M. Psenak Vol. 52, SI
Stereospecific aminopeptidases in Chelidonium majus L. callus culture 592 592
M. Benesova, S. Blanarikova, P. Kovacs, and M. Psenak Vol. 52, SI
ATP-dependent protease in maize mitochondria 602 602
M. Almasiova, D. Perecko, L. Bezakova, M. Benesova, F. Bilka, M. Psenak, and E. Kutejova Vol. 52, SI
Expression of tyrosine/DOPA decarboxylase genes in opium poppy Papaver somniferum 603 603
K. Weissova, F. Bilek, L. Bezakova, and B. Psenak Vol. 52, SI
 Enzymes in Metabolism of Amino Acids. VII.Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase in Maize (Zea mays L.) 367 371
P. Nemec, M. Pšenak, P. Kovács, and A. Jindra Vol. 26, 4

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