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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Rendoš

Hydrogen bonding in phenols. VII. Synthesis and intermolecular hydrogen bonds of 2-hydroxy-2',4'-disubstituted stilbenes 173 178
E. Solčániová, Š. Kováč, and M. Rendošová Vol. 26, 2
Hemicelluloses from twigs of the white willow (Salix alba). III. Wood xylans 198 205
P. Kováč, F. Rendoš, G. N. Pershina, and E. Pavlovová Vol. 22, 3
Hemicelluloses in the young twigs of Salix alba. II. Isolation and characterization of the coarse hemicellulose fractions from the bark 87 91
P. Kováč and F. Rendoš Vol. 21, 1-2
Hemicelluloses from the young twigs of white willow (Salix alba). I. Isolation and characterization of the rough fractions of the wood hemicelluloses 862 869
P. Kováč and F. Rendoš Vol. 20, 11
Determination of sugars by paper chromatography 56 62
F. Rendoš Vol. 18, 1
A registration photometer for the evaluation of paper chromatograms 916 919
F. Rendoš Vol. 17, 12
The solubility of sulfur dioxide in ammonia water solutions 453 460
R. Domanský and F. Rendoš Vol. 11, 8

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