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Author: Romanov

Optimalization of deoxyribonucleic acid extraction using various types of magnetic particles 1247 1255
Jana Konečná, Denisa Romanovská, Daniel Horák, and Štěpánka Trachtová Vol. 73, 5
Thin mesoporous polyaniline films manifesting a water-promoted photovoltaic effect 972 978
Natalia Gospodinova, Elena Tomšík, and Julia Romanova Vol. 67, 8
Spectrometric and DC polarographic studies on some flavones 619 619
D. Romanova and A. Vachalkova Vol. 52, SI
A PCILO study of the hydrogen-bond of linear ethers and crown ethers with phenol 205 212
M. Omastová, J. Mlýnek, and A. Romanov Vol. 42, 2
Enthalpies of solution of methoxy and ethoxy end group oligomers of poly(ethylene glycol) in binary solvent water - dimethylformamide  Study of hydrophobic hydration 395 400
P. Cifra and A. Romanov Vol. 41, 3
Electrical resistivity of iodine-doped poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) 397 400
K. Marcinčin and A. Romanov Vol. 36, 3
Study of thermoelastic properties of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers and their mixtures with ethylene-propylene copolymer, polystyrene, and poly(vinyl chloride) 273 280
V. Pollák, A. Romanov, and K. Marcinčin Vol. 30, 3
Mixtures of ethylene-propylene copolymer with atactic polypropylene. Efficiency of crosslinking by dicumyl peroxide 80 83
V. Pollák, A. Romanov, and K. Marcinčin Vol. 27, 1
Modification of Ethylene—Vinyl Acetate Copolymer by Acrylamide in Solid State 385 389
A. Romanov, K. Marcincin, and E. Lathová Vol. 26, 5
Viscometric characteristics of block copolymers 255 260
A. Romanov and D. Lath Vol. 21, 4
Mechanical degradation of atactic polypropylene 55 60
A. Romanov Vol. 20, 1

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