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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Schlosser

New phosphonium ionic liquid with neodecanoate anion as butyric acid extractant 3965 3977
Ján Marták, Tibor Liptaj, Milan Polakovič, and Štefan Schlosser Vol. 75, 8
Specific phenomena in carboxylic acids extraction by selected types of hydrophobic ionic liquids 567 584
Š. Schlosser, J. Marták, and M. Blahušiak Vol. 72, 3
Effect of viscosity of a liquid membrane containing oleyl alcohol on the pertraction of butyric acid 1560 1568
Marek Blahušiak, Ján Marták, Fernando Miranda, Štefan Schlosser, and José A. Teixeira Vol. 67, 12
New approach to regeneration of an ionic liquid containing solvent by molecular distillation 603 607
Marek Blahušiak, Štefan Schlosser, Ján Cvengroš, and Ján Marták Vol. 65, 5
Mass-transfer in pertraction of butyric acid by phosphonium ionic liquids and dodecane 608 619
Ján Marták, Štefan Schlosser, and Marek Blahušiak Vol. 65, 5
Simulation of a hybrid fermentation-separation process for production of butyric acid 213 222
Marek Blahušiak, Štefan Schlosser, and Ján Marták Vol. 64, 2
Liquid-liquid equilibria of butyric acid for solvents containing a phosphonium ionic liquid 42 50
Ján Marták and Štefan Schlosser Vol. 62, 1
Phosphonium ionic liquids as new, reactive extractants of lactic acid 395 398
J. Marták and Š. Schlosser Vol. 60, 5
Membrane-Based Extraction Joined with Membrane-Based Stripping in a Circulating Arrangement. III. Extraction of Zinc 1 8
M. Vajda, A. Košúthová, and Š. Schlosser Vol. 58, 1
Membrane-Based Extraction Joined with Membrane-Based Stripping in a Circulating Arrangement II. Extraction of Organic Acids 3 10
M. Vajda, E. Sabolová, Š. Schlosser, and E. Mikulová Vol. 57, 1
Transport of 5-Methyl-2-pyrazinecarboxylic Acid through a Layered Bulk Liquid Membrane 418 425
Ľ. Kubišová, J. Marták, and Š. Schlosser Vol. 56, 6
L/L Equilibria of Dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic Acid in Water—Solvent Systems with Trioctylamine as an Extractant 413 422
J. Marták and Š. Schlosser Vol. 54, 6b
Pertraction of Silver through Bulk Liquid Membranes 423 429
M. Vajda, Š. Schlosser, and K. Kováčová Vol. 54, 6b
Transport of Butyric Acid through Layered Bulk Liquid Membranes 403 411
Š. Schlosser and E. Sabolová Vol. 53, 6

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