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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Sroková

Solvent-free synthesis and properties of carboxymethyl starch fatty acid ester derivatives 71 76
Viera Mazíková, Iva Sroková, and Anna Ebringerová Vol. 63, 1
Biosurfactants Based on Partially Esterified O-(Carboxymethyl)starch 362 367
A. Žoldáková, I. Sroková, V. Sasinková, J. Hirsch, and A. Ebringerová Vol. 59, 5
Anniversaries: Professor Vendelín Macho Seventy Years Old 145 145
I. Sroková and M. Jambrich Vol. 56, 2
Hydrophobized natural polymers 359 359
I. Srokova, P. Talaba, and A. Ebringerova Vol. 52, SI
New Procedure for the Preparation of Cellulose Esters with Aromatic Carboxylic Acids 365 368
P. Talába, I. Sroková, P. Hodul, and A. Ebringerová Vol. 50, 6
Polymerie Surfactants Prepared from Water-Soluble 0-(2-Hydroxyethyl)cellulose 369 372
P. Talába, I. Sroková, and P. Hodul Vol. 50, 6
New Alkylated 0-(2-Sulfoethyl)cellulose and Its Properties 101 104
P. Talába, I. Sroková, P. Hodul, and G. Čík Vol. 50, 2
Photochemical Studies of a New Group of Isoimides 248 252
A. Thakur, G. C. Rao, B. N. Misra, and I. Sroková Vol. 48, 4
Preparation and characterization of mixed anhydrides of O-allylbenzohydroximic acid 643 649
K. Sharma, B.N. Misra, and I. Sroková Vol. 45, 5
Synthesis and properties of azidoaryl derivatives of cellulose 421 428
G. Čík, P. Šteruský, V. Lužáková, A. Blažej, and I. Sroková Vol. 41, 3
Reduction of 1-nitro-1-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-2-(substituted phenyl)ethylenes on mercury electrode 385 394
J. Černák, A. Staško, F. Tomanovič, L. Némethy, and I. Sroková Vol. 37, 3
Furan derivatives. CLXXII. SN reaction of 5-nitrofurfuryl derivatives with silver or sodium nitrite 691 693
I. Sroková, O. Rajniaková, and A. Jurášek Vol. 35, 5

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