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Aptamer-based detection of thrombin by acoustic method using DNA tetrahedrons as immobilisation platform 211 226
Alexandra Poturnayová, Maja Šnejdárková, Gabriela Castillo, Peter Rybár, Michael Leitner, Andreas Ebner, and Tibor Hianik Vol. 69, 1
Plasmid Transduction by Actinophage фU1 276 277
A. Farkašovská, A. Godány, A. Bukovská, I. Rašlík, J. Timko, and J. Turna Vol. 52, SI
The Escherichia coli Strain with TcR Marker links to the Deletion of the Chromosomal ampС Gene 278 278
M. Vizváryová, S. Stuchlík, M. Mačor, J. Grones, and J. Turňa Vol. 52, SI
The Reconstruction of Escherichia coli sdhC Subunit of Succinate Dehydrogenase Operon by the Site Directed Mutagenes 279 279
S. Stuchlík, P. Čamaj, and J. Turňa Vol. 52, SI
Bioinformatics - A Novel Tool in Molecular Biology 280 280
L. Kľučár and J. Turňa Vol. 52, SI
Expression of a Silent Type II. Restriction System in Streptomyces Aureofaciens Strains After Actinophage Infection 281 281
A. Godány, J. Farkašovská, G. Bukovská, I. Rašlík, J. Timko, J. Turňa, and P. Pristaš Vol. 52, SI
 Cloning of Penicillin G acylase Gene from Escherichia coli 282 282
A. Lacza, R. Kormuťáková, and J. Turňa Vol. 52, SI

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