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XXVII. International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry (27th ICCBIC), June 2019, Slovakia 3671 3672
Peter Segľa, Ján Pavlik, Miroslav Tatarko, and Marian Valko Vol. 74, 11
Structural study and magnetic properties of copper(II) thiophene-2-carboxylate with 4-pyridinemethanol and isonicotinamide 863 876
Peter Segľa, Vladimír Kuchtanin, Miroslav Tatarko, Jozef Švorec, Ján Moncol, and Marian Valko Vol. 72, 4
XXVI. International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (26th ICCBiC), June 2017, Slovakia 769 771
Peter Segľa, Miroslav Tatarko, and Marián Valko Vol. 72, 4
Effect of drying methods on the content of natural pigments and antioxidant capacity in extracts from medicinal plants: a spectroscopic study 1993 2002
Jana Branisa, Klaudia Jomova, Maria Porubska, Vojtech Kollar, Miriama Simunkova, and Marian Valko Vol. 71, 10
XXV. International Conference on Coordination & Bioinorganic Chemistry (25th ICCBiC), June 2015, Slovakia 1 3
Milan Melník, Peter Segľa, and Marián Valko Vol. 70, 1
Self-assembly hydrogen-bonded supramolecular arrays from copper(II) halogenobenzoates with nicotinamide: Structure and EPR spectra 101 113
Jozef Halaška, Danica Čechová, Michael K. Lawson, Zdeňka Růžičková, Vladimír Jorík, Marian Koman, Marian Valko, Bojan Kozlevčar, and Ján Moncol Vol. 70, 1
Investigation of 3,5-dichlorosalicylate-copper(II)-(3-pyridylmethanol or N,N′-diethylnicotinamide) complex systems by EPR spectroscopy 1330 1344
Lucia Husáriková, Zuzana Repická, Dušan Valigura, Marián Valko, and Milan Mazúr Vol. 67, 10
Kinetic Study of Effect of Irganox E Antioxidants on Thermal Degradation of Poly (Vinyl Chloride) 67 70
E. Klein, P. Kovařík, and L. Valko Vol. 55, 2
 Analysis of RTD Curves from a Molecular Evaporato 417 423
J. Cvengroš, M. Valko, Š. Pollák, and J. Lutišan Vol. 53, 6
Professor Vojtech Kellö - an Octogenarian 224 225
L. Valko Vol. 53, 3
Biochemical aspects and observations of chloridazone effect in pheasant organism on subcellular level 488 488
H. Mlynarcikova, J. Guzy, and N. Kovalkovicova Vol. 52, SI
Synthesis, Thermal and Spectral Properties of Cu(II) Complexes with N,N-Diethylnicotinamide 650 654
S. C. Mojumdar, M. Valko, and M. Melník Vol. 52, 5
Kinetic Study of Action of Additives in Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Stabilizer Systems - III. Stobadine Dipalmitate 178 181
P. Kovařík, E. Klein, and L. Valko Vol. 52, 3
Kinetic Study of Action of Additives in Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Stabilizer Systems. 1. Sterically Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants 245 251
P. Kovařík, E. Klein, and L. Valko Vol. 51, 5
Quantitative EPR Spectroscopy in Solid State Chemistry 134 136
M. Mazúr, M. Valko, and P. Pelikán Vol. 51, 3
Comparison of Theoretical Criteria for the Participation of Tunneling Mechanism in Chemical Reactions 145 150
P. Zámečník, P. Šimon, and L. Valko Vol. 46, 3
Magnetic Field Effects on Isomerization Reaction 73 78
L. Valko Vol. 46, 2
Influence of metal stearates on thermal stability of poly(vinyl chloride). 4. Lead stearate 389 399
P. Šimon, J. Oremusová, and L. Valko Vol. 45, 3
Influence of metal stearates on thermal stability of poly(vinyl chloride). 3. Zinc stearate 379 388
J. Oremusová, P. Šimon, L. Valko, and P. Kovařík Vol. 45, 3
Influence of metal stearates on thermal-stability of poly(vinyl chloride). 2. Magnesium stearate 127 134
P. Šimon, J. Oremusová, L. Valko, and P. Kovařík Vol. 45, 1
ESR spectra of copper(II) complexes in the solids 805 813
M. Valko, P. Pelikán, S. Biskupič, and M. Mazúr Vol. 44, 6
Polycrystalline ESR spectra of the [Co(1,3-diaminopropane)3][CuCl5].3H2O complex 477 484
P. Pelikán, M. Valko, I. Kováčik, M. Mazúr, and A. Staško Vol. 44, 4
Influence of metal stearates on thermal-stability of poly(vinyl chloride) .1. Calcium stearate 721 731
J. Oremusová, P. Šimon, L. Valko, and P. Kovařík Vol. 43, 6
Temperature-dependence of the singlet - triplet (S-T0) transitions in strong magnetic-fields 151 165
L. Valko Vol. 43, 2
Additivity methods of the calculation of thermodynamic-kinetic parameters of HBr elimination from brominated hydrocarbons 167 176
P. Kovařík, L. Valko, and J. Oremusová Vol. 43, 2
On the mechanism of autocatalytic effect of hydrogen-chloride on polyvinyl-chloride) thermal dehydrochlorination 509 512
P. Šimon and L. Valko Vol. 40, 4
Adsorption of metal-ions on dehydrochlorinated polyvinyl-chloride) 513 517
P. Šimon, L. Valko, and D. Kolkusová Vol. 40, 4
Molecular aspects of intramolecular hydrogen abstractions in solid polymers 271 284
J. Bartoš, P. Šimon, and L. Valko Vol. 39, 2
Adsorption of hydrogen chloride on dehydrochlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) 577 580
P. Šimon, L. Valko, and L. Šagátová Vol. 37, 5
Autocatalytic effect of hydrogen chloride on the thermal dehydrochlorination of poly(vinyl chloride) 581 587
P. Šimon and L. Valko Vol. 37, 5
On thermal dehydrochlorination of model compounds for poly(vinyl chloride). V. Frequency factor calculations 611 626
P. Kovařík, L. Valko, and A. Gatial Vol. 36, 5
Kinetics of dehydrochlorination of poly(vinyl chloride). I. Step-by-step model of hydrogen chloride elimination 389 396
L. Valko, P. Kovařík, and V. Kellö Vol. 36, 3
Maximum overlap approximation calculations on polyatomic molecules. III. Nature of the maximum overlap criterion 289 299
R. Boča, P. Pelikán, and L. Valko Vol. 33, 3
Irregular structures in poly(vinyl chloride). I. Saturated structures 3 17
L. Valko, I. Tvaroška, and V. Kellö Vol. 26, 1
Solution kinetics of poly(vinyl chloride) in cyclohexanone 489 499
L. Lapčík and L. Valko Vol. 20, 7
Thermodynamic conditions of mechanochemical equilibrium [of polymers] 3 12
L. Valko Vol. 19, 1
Thermodynamics of deformation of synthetic fibers. Application of Oth-Tompa thermodynamic potentials in an open system. I 641 654
L. Valko Vol. 18, 9
Thermodynamics of the deformation of synthetic fibers. II. Application of the Oth-Tompa thermodynamic potential to a closed system 801 812
L. Valko Vol. 18, 11
Diffusion between liquid-liquid interface. I. Solution of special case of interfacial diffusion 221 228
L. Valko Vol. 17, 4
Solubility of polystyrene 3 13
L. Valko Vol. 15, 1
Diffusion in polypropylene. I. Kinetics of desorption of water 345 352
J. Očadlík and L. Valko Vol. 14, 5
The study of the differential equation of the diffusion process by δ-function 133 139
L. Valko Vol. 12, 3

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