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Author: Wolf

Facile method to prepare biochar–NiO nanocomposites as a promisor material for electrochemical energy storage devices 1471 1476
Leonardo W. Endler, Franciele Wolfart, Antônio S. Mangrich, Marcio Vidotti, and Luís F. Marchesi Vol. 74, 5
Effects of acyl donor type, catalyst type, and reaction conditions on the activity and selectivity of Friedel-Crafts acylation 291 297
Adi Wolfson, Rao P. Madhusudhan, Ayelet Shapira-Tchelet, and Miron V. Landau Vol. 63, 3
Palladium-catalyzed heck and suzuki coupling in glycerol 228 232
A. Wolfson and C. Dlugy Vol. 61, 3
Proteolysis of the Transcription Factor c-Myb by the 26S Proteasome 250 250
J. Bies, S. Feiková, and L. Wolff Vol. 52, SI
Evaluation of tannin 235 239
J. Wolf Vol. 8, 4

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