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Surface activity at fusion of aluminum and its fusion with flux

E. A. Zhemchuzhina

M. I. Kalinin Sci.-Research Inst. Non-ferrous Metals and Gold, Moscow.


Abstract: At the secondary fusion of Al, metal is lost because of its dispersion in the slag. Combining of individual drops of fused Al is hindered by Al2O3, which is practically insol. in KCl or NaCl. There is 15-20% of Al2O3 in slags after the fusion of Al waste with the flux. The removal of oxidn. layer from the surface of the metal is assocd. with the adsorption of solid particles of Al2O3 on the fused flux. The adsorption is strongly affected by the interphase force on the dividing line between the metal and solid Al2O3. It was detd. that the flux contg. chlorides did not have a favorable effect on the adsorption, while cryolite and CaF3 in small concns. increased the adsorption.

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Chemical Papers 13 (11) 711–722 (1959)

Friday, July 10, 2020

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